I have been living in New Zealand again, since December last year. After over a year of wandering, learning, expanding, I felt like some time settled in the familiar environment that my parents made their home. NZ has been amazing in every way.  It has outdone my memories in its beautiful landscape,  open warm people and the welcoming outdoors.

But my adventures here are a story for another day.  I have many stories, past and present, so will be starting my blogging again.

The point for today is, I am back to my old life again. I am still an engineer, I try do yoga at least a couple of days a week and although I’m told I dress more “hippie”, I even slotted back onto all my old friendship groups and activities. Its as if I never left.

So after 2 years on the road what has changed? Am I destined to go back to the matrix version of me forever? Was it all a dream? No. It all looks all the same, yes, but its different. My awareness has definitely changed.

This weekend I held a fundraising high tea for O and fair trade. I joined engineers without borders. Little things.  This sounds very simple, even boring some might say.

I have, after all marched through coffee farmer road blocks and strikes in Colombia. It was exciting and interesting yes. But I couldn’t help them. They wanted more money for their coffee. A simple request, over which they closed all the major roads in the country for over a week.  Fair enough I thought.  They have grow all their own food and yet, could barely feed their families. It is a factor of global economics. What do you drink every morning? Do you have any idea how much sweat and tears go into your warm cuppa?

But it is up to everyday people like you to change the world. What do you drink every morning? What do you wear? Do you know where it came from, who made it? Please don’t tell me You don’t have enough money.  You cant pay an extra 10 or 20% to make it fair trade. Give someone a chance of a better life.

Watch the video below, laugh a lot, and follow the frog. Or the cute monkey


Of course, you can be anywhere to do this… buy local, buy fair trade, always think about where your stuff comes from…. more expensive does not always mean its not from a sweat shop though…

And, donations can be made from all over this interweb thing, here