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Our moon group – post retreat

As you may know, a while ago I went on a month long course in the Pyramids  del Ka – a Meditation Center in San Marcos.  We had yoga, meditation and metaphysics classes every day.  The last week was a silent retreat.  But that doesn’t even describe what happens there.

When I first walked into the Pyramids it seemed dark, gloomy and deserted… The lady at reception spoke no English and my Spanish was not up to asking any deep questions. In any case she didn’t seem to be interested in helping me out.   The internet promised me a private pyramid but the room I get shown to is gloomy and dark. I have two roomies already: horrible looking spiders!  I had heard so much about this course that I decided to give it a try anyway, I could always leave early.  It looked bad, but it really must have something else going for it, right?

This was not my pyramid!

I had done yoga and meditation before, but was totally unaware of what metaphysics even was. Having been raised loosely as a non practicing Roman Catholic, I didn’t really ever have a reason to dive into spirituality much.  In fact, I was a bit worried the course would be full of wierdos, and that I wouldn’t belong…

Cults: If you cant beat them, join them

Our group was made of young people from around the world, Americans, Australians, Israelis, Argentineans and Kiwis, we are a good cross section of the kind of people who travel in  this part of the world.  We bonded easily, and life became a healthy party; with drinking and smoking getting replaced by an abundance of amazing vegetarian food.

In my first few days it is the Pyramid’s 21st birthday and we have powerful ritual in the temple followed by a celebratory feast.  Everybody came to share and celebrate, the moon course (us), the sun course, all the teachers and all the workers.  One guy completed his 109 day silence retreat and we all crowded around to hear his wisdom.  I had such a good night, I knew my time here would be special and positive.

Feast: One of many

The curriculum was a bit extreme for me, with Astral Travel, The Kabbalah and the Tree of life being the main contenders.  The temple has icons from most ancient religions of the world, which was also confusing to me.  After 3 days at the pyramids, I figured out [more or less] what I was going to do with my life.  I was excited beyond this world at the rare stroke of clarity in my head; and I am officially addicted to meditation! I am not the only one, other people describe feeling high when walking out of the temple, or being overwhelmed with emotions of happiness.  It is awesome.

Medicinal herbs course

Ever the extracurricular girl, I also did a medicinal plant course, kirtan chanting, Breathing, Reiki and Swedish massage.  When I had extra time, there were always excursions for walks, swims, dinner, dessert,  and internet.  Yup,  I think I overdid it a little, I didn’t even have time to read one whole book.  But I can’t really complain; I learnt so much and I loved every second of it.  My favorite things were to hang out in the sunny medicinal garden or by the lake and just enjoy mother nature.

Not a bad view to meditate to, on top of the world!

The last week was a retreat: fasting and silence.  By then, everyone at the pyramids is exhausted from the hard routine of meditation, breathing, stargazing and trying to wake up in our dreams.  By day  four I have bags under my eyes, sleep badly and clutch my bottle of electrolytes like it is the elixir of life.  Miraculously, I have also learnt more about myself than I ever thought possible, and the clutter in my brain has disappeared, giving way to clarity.

The menu: Day 5 was only water

I am no longer sure what to do with my life exactly, beyond travelling.  But I do have a solid business idea when/if I settle somewhere one day.  I have many things and ideas to work on in the meantime.  I feel like the course has unlocked an extra side of me, and taught me life skills in how to be a balanced better person.  Some people may say I have fallen off the wagon since then, neglecting my meditation and enjoying the odd party a bit too much, but I mainly learnt life is to be lived, and I am here to enjoy every moment of it.

Thank you universe.

This blog is only a short, superficial description of my experience at the Pyramids del Ka.  Check out my friends blog on the course for a different, more detailed perspective


We went to get money, and we ended up getting ceviche. Not a bad day. I didn’t ask if the chicks were harmed though…