The famous question…. Who am I? What do I do? Where am I going? The answer is I don’t really know!

I used to live in Auckland, NZ.  My parents moved to NZ from Argentina twice, when I was 1, and when I was 10 for a better life.  I didn’t appreciate all the moving at the time, but I have had a good, easy life full of blessings.  I easily got shuttled into the Western Dream – School, High School, University/College, Job.  I enjoyed my job, mainly because of the free cookies and lunchtime friendships…. And Engineering is also a good profession, making a positive impact in civil society.

I love New Zealand, it is beautiful, abundant and full of outdoor activities.  Life is always easy, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want; snowboarding, diving, parties, hikes, yoga, and other adventuring.

I’ve been trotting around the globe a little, and I am now living in Vanutau (an archipelago of 83 islands in Melanesia) working with an environmental NGO as a Water and Sanitation Engineer.

Because I’ve just got one life.  And I want it to make a difference.
Read my blog to join me on my adventures,  it’s as easy as that. Above is an amazing picture collage my grandma (who is in her 80s!) made of my sister and I travelling around Central and South America.  I hope I take after her and am still being creative in my 80s.