Today is my Birthday in New Zealand. It is not yet my birthday in Spain, where I am right now, but I may just celebrate twice.

Last year I was in Nicaragua for my Birthday. I vividly remember it as if it was yesterday. The people, the cake, the surf conditions and the sunset. It was the first birthday I spent away from home, and it was very special for me. I can’t believe a year has passed since then. It really feels like yesterday. In the middle, there are many vivid memories of days spent living life, learning and being happy.

But this is my whole life actually, I view it as a series of memories and events that brought me here, to this place and time. I am greatful for all of it, so as an experiment, I have dug up photos from my birthdays in the past few years, all of them equally special and unique, due to the times and the people! Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life!!

2005: 21 ! No photos available, but this night remained with me as the best night of my life for many years to come, it was the first time, I allowed myself to really celebrate being me, and being alive!!!

2006: My good school friends FORGOT my birthday, (to this day they argue that they simply got the date confused) I spent it at the local watering hole (shads) getting drunk with my engineering friends, much like many of my University days…

2007: A Muffin Picnic in Albert Park, close to university…
my skiing friends organised it, everybody brought baking, the climbing club people brought tables, it rained and we all squished inside a pergola.



I also had a birthday BBQ in which we cooked, because the boys didn’t want to


2008: Celebrated at a good friends house. It was such a small event, we all fitted on one couch. kind of.



2009: Awkward party. Half my friends in one corner… half in the other… boyfriend at the time streaks through our flat. My friends boyfriend (now husband) also streaks through the flat, but falls off the deck naked. no photographic evidence unfortunately.

2010: Just another Bradford Street Boozeroo! I don’t think it was dress up, but some people came in costumes anyway. The usual things happened I’m sure: chicken nuggets, popcorn machine, beer pong, and a trip to Carl Jr’s the next day. I think it also started as a tea party, and I spent most of the next day scrubbing cake off the walls and ceiling with my flatmates.




2011: After more than a year of Boozeroos I felt like getting out of the house. I had two birthday outings… at one I ate thai food and got very drunk (carried home in fact) and at the other I ate cake!




2012: Last year, I went surfing with my lady surfing friends!



2013: This year, I shall be in Sunny Nerja!




With all the ramblings of time passing and such themes, I would like to say I have a lot of good stories coming on here…. when I get time to write…