For the end of the Mayan calendar, the solstice or whatever you’d like to call it, I flew up to Mexico to meet my sister, my moon sisters and to be close to where it all started.

The Rainbow family (otherwise known as hippies by all the normal people) were having a gathering close to Palenque, an impressive Mayan site for the event.  We decided this would be a great idea too…

My sisters and I at the Rainbow Gathering

We didn’t have any expectations on the end of the world as such, but thought it would be a fun gathering anyways.  In the days leading up to 21 December I saw so many surreal scenes with naked people that I thought I was already in another dimension.  I also heard many theories on what might happen.  Aliens, portals, dimension upgrades for humans and people living inside the planet were all viable possibilities.  After all, modern science is just theories anyways, right?

My favorite option was that we would all have a moment of enlightenment at the time of the alignment, seeing and understanding other dimensions, similar to an ayahuasca trip.  I wish.

As the people at our gathering were lacking in organsiational skills, we decided to go solo and camp at the ruins ourselves.  3 of us independent ladies took our second tent and wandered towards the ruins.  Unfortunately for us there were guards with guns patrolling, so we had to pay US$2.5 to pitch our tent at a campsite.  At around midnight it started to rain. Sleeping in a puddle sharing a sleeping bag between 3 was not much fun, but we didn’t have a moment of enlightenment till the solstice time, when we moved our tent under a cover.

Sick, smelly, soaked, cold and disillusioned we walked in the rain to the ruins for an average day.  Happy new era!!!

Not an authentic ceremony, Palenque


Since then, we have been exploring Mayan portals to the underworld.  No one knows what exactly happened to the Mayans; why their civilisation collapsed?  Many believe they became elves and are now living in these portals (cenotes, caves, lakes etc) and guarding the forests. Who knows.  It was an interesting journey anyway.

Is this a portal to a better world?

A portal to fun

Also not a portal, Copan, Honduras

In this dimension, many Mayans and practices still remain, with 31 distinct languages still being spoken in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.  Most of them don’t even speak Spanish.   Although most of their knowledge had been lost, herbal medicine, dress and some worship traditions still exist.  I can see where the elf story came from – these modern day people are barely up to my shoulder!

Modern day Mayans in traditional dress, Santiago La Laguna, Guatemala

At an art exhibition recently I was shocked to see pictures of Mayan men scouring for scrap metals in Guatemala City – right where the sewerage outflow meets the rubbish dump.  These men reportedly scavenge $20 a day; more then twice the minimum wage in Guatemala.  And yet these people are happier than many people I have met in the Western world.

Trash miners, Guatemala City

Success of the day, Guatemala City