The month of November, when I thought I would be learning permaculture and ended up working in a smoothie bar in Pachamama, deep in the Costa Rican jungle was indescribable!

Pachamama is an intentional community based on Osho principles.  After the month, I am still not sure what Osho principles entail, but I had a that wasn’t so important…. I learnt a lot and had a great time! Everyone there is beautiful, and I did not end up having much spare time.  I was always enjoying something like; Swimming in the river, endless hot showers, yoga, temascal, meditation, crazy dancing, awesome dancing, bonfires, tents, Cacao parties, dinner parties, intense conversations, good people and serving wild treats.

IMG_2702My Casita

IMG_2712Our “private” beach

IMG_2786Bonfires 🙂

 IMG_2837Wild pinnapples

IMG_2857Beach again…

Unfortunately I cannot share the amazing recipies I learnt, but here is one I found online, which is also my favourite!


Ingredients (for 10-15 balls):

1 cup Almonds, 2 cups Tahini, 2-3 tbs. Honey, Salt, Vanilla


1. Crunch the almonds with a pinch of salt in a food processor until it is powder.

2. Add the Tahini, Honey and Vanilla and mix it well until it is like a dough.

3. Roll portions into ball shapes and roll them in almond powder.

Optional: Put little pieces of chocolate inside.

Place them in a fridge for some time before serving.

wild treats2

Wild Treats Nom Nom

Recipie credit:

Thanks Pachamama!