Ever since I was a kid and sneaking to my friends places to watch Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles I have had a passion for with saving the turtles.

 In Niue I saw a turtle from far away and even though it swam away I was happy for days.  In Mexico I got to swim with the turtles without scaring them.  They were eating sea grass in Akumal, nom nom nom.


P1000676Green Turtle, Akumal [ Mexico]

On this trip one of my aims was to help the turtles.  I helped a little in Jiquillio going on long midnight walks on stormy nights looking for eggs for a hatchery, but the locals always beat us! I got to ride a motorcycle, but I did not even glimpse a turtle.


Beautiful sunset somewhat tainted by locals in Jiquillo looking for eggs [Nicaragua]

 In San Juan del Sur, the turtles were so abundant they were walking all over and killing each other, plus they were well protected by army guards, so they did not need my help.  I painted some on my mural though.


Good Times Surf Shop store front

At pachamama in Costa Rica I didn’t thinkI would see any turtles.  We made raw date-pecan turtles instead.IMG_2866

Raw Turtle Army

However, down the road at Playa Ostional, I got a closer glance at the turtles.  Here, the turtles are also protected, but the locals are allowed to take 20% of the eggs each year….

 I saw turtles laying eggs, locals gathering them,  turtles hatching, and even got kicked off the beach by the police.  On our last adventure we also got the experience of swimming with bioluminescents in the sea. It was amazing!





IMG_2668Turtles and locals at Playa Ostional [Costa Rica]