No te preocupes, bro

We arrived at the Oaxaca coast a day late due to the abundance of “topes” (speed bumps) on the highway.  Any Don Juan who can afford one can pay the government a small fee to have one built in front of his juice/taco/tyre fitting stand.  Topes are described on many a traveler blog as the main hazard on the road in Mexico.  We have since learnt topes can be made of asphalt, concrete, rope, soil, rocks or metal and vary in lethality, usually according to their visibility and sharpness.


Puerto Escondido is the ultimate surfers’ dream.  The main beach, Zicatela (aka the Mexican Pipeline), is a world famous break with clean cut picture perfect waves the day we arrive.  There are dozens of surfers and even a few surf photographers in the water, on any day.  It is low season, so we have our pick of empty restaurants on…

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